July 6th, 2011: Welcome back Greyfanatics! I hope everyone had a good holiday off. I labored like a serf. Anyhow, enough about me, let's get back to our ongoing parody saga: previously on Gods in Space

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And a new character joins the story! Well he's not new in a Greyhawk sense, but he's new to Gods in Space. Oh whatever!

1. The process of parodying a classic movie is sometimes challenging. In this case, Celestian has to embody the roles of both R2D2 and C3PO. Not an easy task since in A New Hope they split up in opposite directions. Luckily they are reunited. In hindsight it would've been serendipitous to use Celestian as 3PO and his brother Fharlanghn as R2. But Fharlanghn is not the space-y type. Then again, is Heironeous? Eh!
2. I've drawn Celestian many many times in his starry robe, but this time I was quite excited since I got to make a subtle change to it by rolling up his sleeves. Funny how the small details make art enjoyable.
3. The "glint on the horizon" was Heironeous in his armor of course. Curious, if Heironeous reputedly has impenetrable skin then why does he need armor? AFAIK, unlike the Greek hero, he has no Achilles Heel either! Hrm.
4. Celetian's nickname is the Far Wanderer. This is the first time I've referenced that. Given where has been in this comic, that is a truer nickname if I've ever heard one.
5. The Derro ambush line I feel I must explain, is a sly Greyhawk reference to the dark dwelling near-human pygmies who live beneath the Sea of Dust in both Gygax's novel Sea of Death and in numerous other places in the game setting. They are short, conniving folk who capture people and have an affinity for mechanical things(see Doomgrinder). Sounds an awful lot like Jawas to me!
6. One of my biggest suspensions of disbelief in this storyline, has been that the Gods in Space currently can't get anywhere except on foot. All deities in the World of Greyhawk, from most quasi-deity magic-users to demigods to actual gods like Celestian and Heironeous, can teleport with ease. If necessary I'll blame it on a magic disrupting field caused by the Twin Cataclysms. On second thought, these deities travel through Wildspace in a Spelljammer, so maybe they just enjoy a good journey. Shrug!

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