June 13th, 2011: And we're back! This month we celebrate everyone's favorite (formerly print) magazine on...

Good times. Let's discuss Dragon and comics a bit shall we?
1. Yeah I know, for alot of you readers, eDragon doesn't even count as an ezine anymore. What was once a single monthly PDF download by Wizards, has been reduced recently to randomly released individual articles for download. Weak. They don't have even a half of the overhead anymore to produce a magazine, so why the laziness? In the digital age of tweets and facebook, that's exactly what we deserve I guess!
2. For those who aren't old school readers of Dragon, I'm confident that most would say Wormy was by far the best comic ever to see print in those pages. Artist Dave Trampier up and vanished one day leaving the comic hanging and was never seen in the illustration field again. His art is what kept me buying Dragon so much at a young age. Luckily, someone keeps an archive of his strips here.
3. Second to Trampier's "Wormy" in my heart is Phil Foglio's What's New with Phil & Dixie comic. Foglio's witty comic from the backpages of Dragon covered many a topic on gaming and is without a doubt a main influence for my own topical Greyhawk comic. Phil & Dixie can still be found online here.
4. The "What's New Dragon" seen with Graz'zt comes from the mind of Phil Foglio in fact. The critter was even statted up way back in Dragon Magazine #96 in the article There Can Never Be too Many Dragons, Right?. In the write-up the What's New Dragon is also known as Draco Phoglius Ridiculus, the "Mauve Dragon" and the "Big Pain in Expletive Deleted". It is said the dragon was created when a drunken archmage attempted to crossbreed a red dragon, a blue dragon, a cow and a small terrier he had handy. That article also featured the planet devouring "Quazar Dragon" which was seen in my comic a year ago...
5. Long time readers of Phil & Dixie will also be elated to see the running gag of the strip reproduced here. For countless episodes the two hosts of the comic promised to cover the topic of "Sex in D&D" but were always sidetracked. Who better to take a crack at that topic now than Graz'zt? Sorry Phil! Muahaha!

See you next time. ;)

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