June 2nd, 2011: Hello Greyfans. Oprah's talk show may be over, but don't despair! Who better to fill the void than the multiverse's best talk show on ol' Channel 666...

Good to see the Dark Prince still up to his usual evil. Now for a few of my usual Greyhawk observations.
1. Why didn't Greyhawk City respond to Rary's treachery at end of the Greyhawk Wars sooner (if at all)? Why didn't the Circle of Eight launch a reprisal either? Both let Rary set up shop in the Bright Desert and create the Bright Lands, a realm formidable enough to hold off the Greyhawk domain. Sure Rary is quite powerful, but so is Mordenkainen. There are some, like myself who think Mordenkainen was in cahoots with Rary. Anyways, not until Living Greyhawk's waning years did Rary and his machinations get explored in a series of Core adventures. To this day I don't know what the 'official' outcome of that storyline was, but I have a hunch Rary either came out on top or was vindicated, but not killed. Not that death could stop the old Baklun. ;)
2. I had to poke fun at the old school crowd eventually. They've kept the fires burning for players of D&D's older systems since the advent of Wizard's Open Game License, and now presently the "Old School Renaissance" is not showing any sign of slowing down as many authors are still pumping out quality products from accessory books to full-on boxed sets.
3. Not surprisingly, Wizards (and to an extent Paizo) is paying attention to this retro movement, and have since put out or plan to publish slimmed down boxed set rules that try to harken back to D&D's heyday. With all this retro-sentiment a Greyhawk fan can only be optimistic about the future, right?

More next time. ;)

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