May 5th, 2011: Welcome back Greymaniacs! No news to report, which is a good thing I guess. Let's keep the story rolling along, but first: previously on Gods in Space

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The scene of course parodies the Stormtroopers' search of the desert near an empty escape pod. They had many questions, and so do we:

1. How did the wreckage of the spelljamming vessel, Greytrek get to be in the Sea of Dust when it was pulverized in orbit of Oerth? The likely answer is that when Capt. Zagyg and crew teleported, they used a single area teleport that apparently dumped them in a random location. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
2. Why is there a war elephant in the Sea of Dust? Besides parodying the Dewback lizard mount from Star Wars? Well the answer is its not an elephant it's an oliphant! Oh, that's not good enough? Okay, there isn't enough pachyderm patrols in Greyhawk and since the bad guys are part of a lawful evil warmachine what better choice than oliphants? Yeah, yeah, oliphants aren't suited for survival in the Sea of Dust, but they brought it to fend off purple worms or something. Let it go!
3. Who is the orange humanoid? That's Nomog-Gaeya, god of hobgoblins. The others are rank and file orcs from Acheron.
4. Are humanoids really illiterate? Without consulting any sources I feel safe in saying yes, but there is always exceptions. Certainly a hobgoblin deity should be more intelligent. Perhaps not. Who needs intelligence when you can get the right answers from the wrong conclusion?

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