April 27th, 2011: Sorry for the long delay Greyfanatics. My comic as well as the entire Greyhawk Online family, did indeed move to a new server which put a stall on things. As some of you may have already noticed, since then, in order to prevent future server messes I have also made an alliance with my good friend Maldin at Melkot.com to mirror the comic and all my other Greyhawkian efforts going forward. Now that I'm set up for the forseeable future let's get back to the story in progress: Previously on Gods in Space

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The fellowship is broken! This episode ends not with a punchline per se but more with a cliffhanging moment that changes the course of the story. Everyone should be familiar with the source material being parodied here so let's move along and look at some of the quirky details involved:

1. Astute readers will notice right away that Celestian has taken on the C3PO role in these parodies, while Zagyg and Murlynd share R2D2 duties during this particular rant of a scene. For a refresher on how the three got in their current predicament rewind a bit to this episode.
2. It was rather fun to extrapolate what R2 says in the dialogue of that scene from Star Wars, since he is all beeps. Murlynd and Zagyg of course are just as intelligent as a droid but luckily for you they both speak Common.
3. Unlike the droids from Star Wars, the trio's ship, the Greytrek is still orbiting Oerth in a million pieces. With no escape pods to be had it must be assumed they emergency teleported to the surface of the planet, thus ending up in the Sea of Dust. This occurs roughly the same time as Lord Hextor's capture of Mayaheine's ship and her eventual vanishing of a certain bag to a deserted part of Oerth...
4. That purple bag kinda reminds me of a Crown Royal bag. My friends have gobs of those lying around and none too few of them end up being used for dice bags. Coincidentally there is something polyhedral in Celestian's bag, but I won't say anymore than that.
5. The mountains to the north are the Sulhauts, the barrier between the old Sueloise and Baklunish Empires.
6. The mountains to the east are the Hellfurnaces, and while they may seem impassable on the map, people have found ways under and through them before.
7. Celestian is far from the deity of suffering. However, there is no credible Greyhawk god of suffering ( there are plenty that cause it) that I can find despite the fact GHwiki throws in deities from every splatbook Wizards ever put out, including Phieran from the Book of Exalted Deeds. There is no info on Phieran in the wiki but I believe he is basically a generic version of Ilmater from Forgotten Realms who bears no relation to Ilmatar a goddess from Finnish myth. I think Ilmater/Phieran are both inspired by Issek of the Jug from Fritz Leiber's Nehwon Mythos. Celestian bears no relation to any of them. He's just a whiner.

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