March 19th, 2011: Welcome back Greyfans! First off, this comic and all the archived issues may be moving to another hosting site in the coming weeks. In that event be sure to check in at my blog, Greyhawkery for more details. Now let's get back to the story: Previously on Gods in Space

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Begining to wonder where our heroes Zagyg, Murlynd and Celestian are at? Don't fret, you'll find out soon enough.

1. Lord Hextor, LE God of War has evidently sided with some LE humanoid gods from his homeplane of Acheron. Interestingly from what I gather, orcs were chaotic in OD&D then became lawful evil in 1st & 2nd edition (as are most of their deities) then in 3rd edition, they were made chaotic again. What are they in 4th edition? I have no idea. But for the purposes of this comic storyline we are adhering to the LE orc gods.
2. The orc holding Mayaheine is not a deity. Mayaheine may or may not be in the Flan pantheon. She is sponsored by Pelor so I assumed that defaults her to Flan, but she is mostly revered in places like Furyondy which is mainly Oeridian. We all know she is lying to Lord Hextor anyhow so go with it...
3. The Greyspace Alliance is completely fabricated by me. You'll find out more about them later.
The 2nd orc is Ilneval, orcish god of war.
4.The orangish fellow is the hobgoblin war god, Nomog-Gaeya.
5. Sure Hextor likes a little discord but not in his own affairs. Having all these other war gods working alongside him could be trouble, lawful or not. It's like having too many chefs in a kitchen. So with that in mind, I guess today can be considered "Unwanted Advice From Humanoids Day." Why not? We're all humanoids after all and there's sillier official days out there I'm sure.

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