February 17th, 2011: After a lengthy hiatus I am back and ready to resume my new parody storyline. If you didn't catch the opening sequence, check out the following link: A short time ago in a crystal sphere not too far from here...
When you're caught back up, read on below. (With commentary)


Hmmm what artifact are the bad guys after? What ever it is, apparently it fits in the palm of Mayaheine's hand. That rules out the Throne of the Gods...;)

1. The 7th level magic-user spell Vanish is in my opinion, grossly overlooked. The 3rd edition version is called Teleport Object. Both allow you to teleport an object elsewhere, and even possibly to the Ethereal plane. This use is similar to Leomund's Secret Chest except that the object sent to another plane can only be retrived from the same point it is vanished to. The "Vanish" version even states that a larger object vanished away may be replaced by stone. The prime example of this is a door made to vanish and is replaced with a wall. Talk about a good getaway spell! The most obvious use of this spell however is for delivering objects to other locations; a sort of magical postal service. In the case of Mayaheine I think she is trying to get that bag off the ship, but to where?
2. The Herald of Hextor has appeared a couple times in the past. He just can't seem to stay dead.
Mayaheine is indeed a paladin.
4. Yeah I know paladins can't cast 7th level wizard spells, but this is integral to the story. She probably shouldn't be able to cast the unnamed spell in the first panel either. You'll see what that was later on, trust me...

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