December 9th, 2010: Welcome back, Greyfriends. I am now on the cusp of the 300th issue of this comic! As promised, we continue with the climatic quest of the Cultists. Last week they were on the verge of overcoming impossible odds once again only to be kept down by the Ravenloft setting. Will things get better or worse? Let's find out...

P.S. check after the comic for my usual annotations plus a final clue round-up to help you solve the mystery of the Cultist's identities.
P.S.S. Also, don't forget to join me at the new home of this comic, Greyhawkery for a round up of the last week or so of my Greyhawk news and nonsense. Enjoy!


Man, that cultist likes to hear himself talk, doesn't he? And with that cliffhanger we are at long last one comic away from the portentous #300. I must admit it feels good to near the milestone, but I'd like to remind my faithful readers that the comic will not be ending after #300 per se, I just plan on slowing my art output down and increasing my Greyhawk commentary each week on the blog. It's hard to kick the Greyhawk habit. Now on to some particulars:
1. In case you didn't know everything about Tharizdun.
2. The Demiplane of Imprisonment that holds Big T appears in the Planescape supplement, A Guide to the Ethereal Plane . "The Demiplane of Imprisonment is hidden somewhere in the depths of the Ethereal Plane, resembling a swollen, crystalline cyst nearly a mile in diameter. The ethereal substance surrounding the demiplane boils with the dreamscapes of Tharizdun's worshipers and others whose dreams the dark god invades."
3. Gygax's beard.
4. Here is an incredible FAQ that can tell you all you need to know about Hyskosa, the Hexad Prophecy, the Grand Conjunction and more about Ravenloft! (thanks, Fraternity of Shadows)
5. As I've mentioned before, Azalin Rex is no stranger to the World of Greyhawk.
6. Speaking of liches, Vecna's exploits in the Domain of Dread are played out in the modules, Vecna Reborn and Die Vecna Die!
7. The cultists lair in the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun. This classic module is broken down and examined with scholarly precision in scottsz's eight part article Cold Text File WG4.
8. Tharizdun's booming response to the cultists is a quote from this module in fact (No spoilers here).
9. The altar and the dark form above it is also directly from the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun. It is a place called the Black Cyst. If any player character of yours has found this chamber he's likely dead or a cultist by now. ;)
10. Speaking of cultists, here is a round up of some more recent clues since I started this whole thing in motion: Cultist #1(The smart one) is a chess expert apparently. Coincidence or true fact? Cultist #2(The goggled one) is good at archery. Cultist #2 likes maps and planning wars as evidenced by their discussion about Greyhawk Wars and Risk. Cultist #1 is an Archmage, he once had a mansion in Greyhawk City and was well known. Cultist #2 would rather sleep outdoors. Throw in the clues from today's comic and there you have it! No more help from here. See y'all next week!


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