November 4th, 2010: Welcome home, Greyfanatics. My ponderous march to the 300th issue continues with the Cultists. Last week they were still getting their bearings in the Ravenloft setting. Now let's see how they've managed since then...

P.S. check after the comic for my usual annotations plus some more helpful hints to solve the mystery of the Cultist's identities.

Such a waste of an inspirational speech, eh? Can you guess which movie I parodied just then? While you think about it, here is some other tidbits:
1. Rot Grubs are nasty lil buggers used by sadistic DMs.
2. Archmagi in D&D tend to be of the highest levels. For instance, in 1st edition, 18th level is when Archmage is considered the "name level" for the Magic User class.
3. Most private mansions in Greyhawk City lie in the Garden and High Quarters. If that's any help...
4. The Cultist's domain in the Ravenloft setting appropriately includes the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun in it. My question that I need answered is, when Darklords get nabbed by the Mists does the Dark Powers create copies of the lands they once lived in or are they the actual real estate, transferred away from their homeplane? It doesn't matter to the context of this comic, I just would like to know.
5. While I'm on Ravenloft domains, what would be a good name for the Cultist's domain? Vecna had Cavitius and Kas had Tovag if I remember right. Hmm.
6. There is no number six.
7. The spelling of Flannae, the human subrace for which the Flanaess is named, is quirky. Most writers will interchangably use the shortened spelling of Flan, which as we all know is a dessert. Gygax can't solely be blamed for using such a simple name though. Flan is also the term for a blank coin. Strangely enough it also th term for fans of the TV show Firefly. And it was almost the name for a new generation of Android phones. Okay enough of that tangent.
8. Now on to the Cultist's identities. Even though I've practically given the answer away by now, here is some more. It's safe to say, at this point, neither are deities. Not saying they couldn't be someday, but that would be over the top, eh? Also, cultist #2 (the less intelligent one) has on more than one occasion had his arm wrappings come unravelled. Cultist #1 has never been so unlucky (though he did lose his hood once off-screen). This could be significant. TTFN.


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