October 7th, 2010: Good day Greyfolk. Let's now get to the last installment of the classic D&D comic book advertisement parodies involving Corellon, Heironeous, Mayaheine and Boccob. When last we saw them, they were still seeking the Ghost Tower of Inverness to rescue the soul of Galap-Dreidel. Time is running out...
Naturally, check out my commentary at the end of the strip for more clues to the mystery of the Cultist's Identities.

1. Ever have a module or adventure path you just couldn't get off the ground, and just quit early on into it? Well for me, the hardest adventure to get through was the Vault of the Drow. I don't think I ever got through the traveling parts to get to the actual city, much less move on to the next mod.
2. The Ghost Tower of Inverness, Maure Castle, Greyhawk Castle, Blackmoor Castle, etc. Ever wonder how all of these famous castle-dungeons of the Flanaess get ruined? Time? Siege? Magic? I'd love to hear about it.
3. Yes, this was indeed the last comic book ad that TSR put out to promote D&D back in the day. Sadly, the quest just abruptly ends when they got to their destination. In my take, at least there is a reason why the adventure ends suddenly. If there's a moral to the storyline I guess it's "Never split the party." or maybe "Never make uncaring Boccob wait too long."
4. Now for some more hints on the cultist caper: Cultist #1 (the smart one) stated that cultist #2 (the martial one) was not around during the "Sargent Era". This is significant. The Carl Sargent era of Greyhawk development was during 2nd edition, from 1991 to 1994 specifically. This means cultist #1 is an NPC that was mentioned in a Greyhawk product from 2nd edition but cultist #2 was not similarly featured. That's all you get for now. Nyah!


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