September 9th, 2010: Well met, Greyfolk. Another fall season is upon us and you wouldn't know it, but there is something very troubling going on in the northeast Flanaess. Check it out...

p.s. Be sure to check out my commentary at the end of the strip.

Yes, for those out of the loop, that is Syrul, goddess of lies and Phaulkon, god of the air. These two lesser Suel gods are the unfortunate parents of Kord, the studly greater god of brawling and athletics and the likely father of that muscular demi-god of a baby. I've mentioned it before, many of my comics derive their sources of material and art from Len Lakofka's Gods of the Suel Pantheon articles from Dragon Magazine during the 1st edition of AD&D.
One obscure Greyhawk topic I've been itching to cover is from issue #88, that deals with Kord's numerous offspring and how players might even aspire to become a son or daughter of his. It's an improbably crazy system but fun to read about at any rate:

"Kord is quite the fool for a pretty face. He favors elven and human women, but has also consorted with other humanoids and even giants."

Kord is a mythic legend on par with Zeus, Odin and Wilt Chamberlain.

"The world is full of his sons and daughters, but few, if any, of them can claim demigod status (less than 1%). Any figures who can make that claim must have scores of 18 to 20 in two of these three ability areas: strength, constitution, and dexterity."

Huh, Kord's kids aren't known for intelligence, wisdom or charisma? Shocker!

"To determine whether an offspring of Kord is entitled to demigod status, roll 2d6+6 for each of the character's ability scores."

So choosing Kord as the father of your character is no statistical problem here, you could theoretically make every character in the party a child of Kord just to have a crack at that elusive demigod status.

"Two of the results must be 18 (rolls of 12 modified), and the numbers must be assigned so that the character has scores of 18 in two of the three physical abilities: strength, constitution and dexterity. If this criterion is met, roll d4 for each ability score of 18: a result of 1 or 2 means no adjustment, a result of 3 raises that ability score to 19, and a result of 4 raises it to 20."

At this point if you're lucky enough to roll a couple 18's at character creation, now you have a 50% chance at some free stat raises above racial maximum (for 1st edition rules).

"Only those characters who pass all these tests and end up with two scores of 19 or higher among strength, constitution and dexterity can dare to claim their birthright and openly profess Kord as their father."

No debate there. All those characters with just 18's for physical stats are too puny and weak to have the Brawler for a daddy! They'll have to settle for being the offspring of a mortal hero or king, boo hoo!

"Kord will not deny such a claim; instead, on the child's 17th birthday Kord will come forth to give the young warrior a great task based almost entirely on fighting ability."

Here is a rare canon example of greater deities actually manifesting on Oerth. Kord may be a dead-beat dad 99% of the time but he does give that one in a hundred child of his a birthday to remember. Provided they live to see their next birthday...

"Those who pass this test will acquire limited special powers (see the lists below). Although passing this final test does qualify the character (in Kord's eyes) to call himself or herself a demigod, the overriding power of Lendor keeps Kord's offspring from dominating the Prime Material Plane."

Can you imagine? Without great grandfather Lendor there to put his foot down, Kord could breed his way to mastery of the Flanaess, Oerth and possibly other worlds!

"Each "demigod" character gains from 2-4 special powers; roll d8 once for each of the following lists."
List #1:
1. Save vs. poison is 3
2. Save vs. death is 4
3. Save vs. all forms of fear is 3
4. Immune to quest and geas spells
5. Mask alignment at will
6. Immune to normal missiles
7. Immune to sleep, hold, and slow
8. Roll twice, ignoring 8s and duplicates

List #2:
1. Heal self once/week
2. Jump or levitate at will
3. Enlarge self at will
4. Climb walls as a 7th level thief
5. No non-proficiency penalties applied
6. Can cast silence on self at will
7. Blood rage: will go berserk (+2 to strength) if damaged 50% or more in combat, fighting until slain or until everything within 60 feet is killed
8. Roll twice, ignoring 8s and duplicates

Cool stuff, eh? A handful special powers adds some spice and without a doubt these would make any 1st level PC quite a monster. Who wouldn't want to be a child of Kord?

"Kord's children may never be lawful, nor may they be paladins, illusionists, monks, or druids."

Bah! Who cares about those wussy, nerdy, hippy classes? This character has a chance to be the next Conan, the next Hercules or...Charles Atlas! Oh, there's more...

"Any of his children who do not enter his clergy and who reject the fighting profession (by not becoming a fighter or ranger)..."

That's to be expected. On one hand it says you have to join the clergy then it says his kid has to be a fighter/ranger. I guess that means to be a cleric or thief one must dual class? No matter, a demigod child of Kord character has it made in the shade. Why, you could sit back and use your new-found status to make worshiping followers and henchmen do all the work for your character by bringing offerings of treasure and magic to your feet!

"...and any of his offspring who display cowardice will be disowned, which might mean (30% chance) that Kord himself will come to the Prime Material plane to slay the offending character."



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