August 4th, 2010: Sorry about the week off, but I was hard at work on my annual GENCON SPECIALLLLLLLLL...
Alright it's like this: I might have mentioned it before but Wizards has come out with a 4th edition continuation of the Tomb of Horrors saga. This Gencon I celebrate the Tomb by revisiting my very first module parody. See my whole collection here. This year ol' mortellan has gone off the deep end and written an entire PARODY MODULE. Yes, here for the first time (and hopefully last) is WoG1: The Room of Horrors!

You can download the madness here: DOWNLOAD THE HORROR

The Room of Horrors is not for the faint of heart or the serious gamer. This extra-dimensional death-trap will challenge your players' sanity and weed out-I mean test characters of any level. WoG1 is editionless as possible in order to accomodate Dungeon Masters of all eras (Maybe except 4e though...) For those who don't use levity in their games, the Room of Horrors still makes for a good read. Check it out and let me hear your what you think!

p.s. Vecna playtested this deadly module on a local gaming group. I think they were less than impressed.

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