July 1st, 2010: Another lazy week leading into summer. This week I am digging into my archives to show off some art that would otherwise never be seen. It is no surprise that the deities of my comic are based on published illustrations of various artists who have worked with Greyhawk over the decades. In my own defense it still takes a certain skill to take someone else's picture and essentially make characiture of it. I hope you enjoy this gallery and find a new appreciation for the effort I've put into this comic for several years.

Speaking of characitures, I first have to show you this sketch of "Mr. SKRodo" from issue 83. For those in the know, this familiar characiture is of Greyhawk author, Sean K. Reynolds.

This was my very first concept drawing when I devised my scheme to do a Greyhawk comic while making my inroads with the Greyhawk online community. I'm particularly fond of the Heironeous and Kord sketches. BTW, Kord's lazy eye was wholly my idea. It just seemed to amp up his cartooniness. Wee Jas' hair to this day is always frustrating for me to draw the way I want it. Hextor OTOH is much more forgiving in his hair-styling.

For comparison:

I knew early on which deities had the most potential for the comic. Many were popular in Greyhawk canon giving me tons of material to use including rough descriptions of the deity. Others like Pelor or Rao, while well known by players, amazingly had little to no canon descriptions or images to go on until 3rd edition! Then there is Wastri. That's a character only a cartoonist could love. One more thing, for better or worse, I like the subtleties of how my art has changed from the original concept sketches.

Once again, for comparison:

This group sketch was for a few early comics, one in particular involved Delleb, Demogorgon and Orcus (who both figure into D&D art heavily). Drawing those demon-lords was fun and would later open the flood gates for future villainous characters like Fraz'Ur'Luu, Juiblex, Pazrael and of course Graz'zt. The ixitxachitl was probably on there since I'd never tried to draw anything like that before. Delleb's design was based on the art of Rebecca Guay from Dragon Magazine #263. I'd also like to note that the drawing of Ehlonna is in her rangerly human persona, one that I've only used once or twice in favor of her more popular elven form.

Norebo and Fharlanghn have been two of my favorite go-to guys in the comic. Hoods and cloaks are time savers! Now seeing my concept sketch of Norebo for the first time in years I'm dismayed that I strayed from that boyish troublemaker look that I captured. And worse, I don't think anywhere in the comic until now have I featured Norebo's winged boots and slingshot weapon. Hm. Fharlangh OTOH, remains almost exactly how I first sketched him to his most recent appearance in W.o.G.


There's many more drawings I could share of course, since I've now parodied a greater part of Greyhawk's vast collection of notable gods and quasi-deities. These earliest sketches I've shown you however set the tone and style for all my comic art, thus making it easier for me to draw all the new characters I've introduced on the fly without much practice. My heart-felt thanks go to the scores of artists and writers who came before (and after) me in designing these wonderful fantasy characters. I hope you've enjoyed viewing them as much as I have in drawing them for you.

"For those who weren't satisfied...my friend Eli Tomorast will gladly put your eyes out!"

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