June 24th, 2010: Warning: Here there be puns! When last we saw Kelanen and his talking swords, they were embroiled in some sort of adventure or other. At least this time Sureguard and Swiftdoom are focused on what is important...
Check it out.

One of the cruelest tricks a DM can pull on players is to make them risk their character's lives and then give them empty treasure containers. I know from experience that players will hunt for this elusive treasure to no end because big chests of gold in dungeons are put there for THEM to find damn it! And even if it DID have something inside they've been burnt so many times opening trapped chests that now, opening one sometimes takes more work than wresting it from the monster in the first place!
Other inanities...
1. Sureguard and Swiftdoom both have a number of special powers useable at will. Sureguard (the frostbrand) can Read Languages, Read Magic, Detect Good/Evil, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Traps, use Telepathy, and cast Duo-Dimension (Which makes Kelanen a 2-d and invisible if turned sideways). Swiftdoom (the firebrand) can also Read Languages, Read Magic, Detect Illusions, Detect Magic, Detect Invisible Objects and cast Teleportation.
2. Open question. I am curious and not at all willing to look it up at this point, but does Detect Magic locate the magic emanations of invisiblity spells and illusions? If so, like in this comic, that would kinda make Detect Illusions and Invisible Objects pointless right?
3. Swiftdoom has a 17 INT and an EGO of 25. Sureguard has a 17 INT as well, and an EGO of just 19. I guess we can see why the Flaming Sword talks down to the Frost Sword even though they are the same intelligence...
4. The polearms arrayed against Kelanen (cause using swords against him is suicide) are, top to bottom (in 1e stats)...
5. Lucerne Hammer (150gp weight, 2d4dmg S-M, 1d6 L, 5'+ long, 5' space needed, speed factor 9)
6. Voulge (125gp weight, 2d4dmg S-M, 2d4 L, 8'+ long, 2' space needed, speed factor 10)
7. Military Fork (75gp weight, 1d8dmg S-M, 2d4 L, 7'+ long, 1' space needed, speed factor 7)
8. Fauchard (60gp weight, 1d6dmg S-M, 1d8 L, 8'+ long, 2' space needed, speed factor 8)
9. Fauchard-Fork (80gp weight, 1d8dmg S-M, 1d10 L, 8' long, 2' space needed, speed factor 8)
10. Glaive (75gp weight, 1d6dmg S-M, 1d10 L, 8'+ long, 1' space needed, speed factor 8)
11. Have fun reading.

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