June 3rd, 2010: I'm back. I hope everyone is having a good Spring so far. This week we continue the misadventures of Corellon, Heironeous, Boccob and Mayaheine, based on those loveable D&D Advertisements. Enjoy!
Naturally, look for the commentary at the end of the strip.

1. Boccob looks quite cranky carrying all that gear while the rest of the party is lightly loaded. I never heard of a wizard character that was strong enough to carry that much stuff, much less his own magical junk.
2. Heironeous' rebuffed reference is to classic Greyhawk's old 7th stat, Comeliness. This stat never caught on with my group due to rampant fudging of the results, but the system is nonetheless fun to read:

Quasi-deities have a seventh, character ability, Comeliness. Comeliness is a measure of physical attractiveness. It is disinct from charisma. Charisma, however, can affect comeliness...

Comeliness will have the following effects on creatures.of human sort. (This category includes, but is not necessarily limited to, humans; demi-humans; humanoids; giant-class creatures; and bipedal creatures of human-like form and motivation.)

-20 to -16: Those viewing a character with comeliness this low are repulsed and horrified, as to turn away or attempt to destroy the creature so offensive to the sight. If the individual with low comeliness is powerful, the reaction will tend toward escape, or reinforcement of previously determined awe (horror) reaction. With creatures of like and evil alignment, the effert is that of a positive comeliness of the same total.

-15 to -9: Disgust, evidenced by a tendency to look away, revile the individual, and act hostile in general. Under no circumstances will this character be accepted by the viewers unless all are of evil alignment, so that the negative comeliness can be regarded as positive.

-8 to 0: Aversion and a desire to be away from so ugly a creature will be evidenced by all viewers. If given an excuse, those near the individual will be hostile and openly aggressive; otherwise they will merely tend toward rejection.

+1 to +6: As such an individual is simply ugly, the reaction evidenced will tend toward unease and a desire to get away from such brutishness as quickly as possible. If given the opportunity, the character's charisma can offset ugliness, but this requires a fair ameunt of conversation and interaction to take plan.

+7 to +9: The homeliness of the individual will be such that initial contact will be of a negative sort. This negative feeling will not be strongly evidenced. High charisma will quickly overcome it if any conversation and interpersonal interaction.

+10 to+13: Plain to average comeliness; no effect on the viewer.

+14 to +17: Interest in viewing the individual is evidenced by those in contact, as he or she is good-looking. The reaction adjustment is increased by a pertentage equal to the comeliness SCore of the character. Individuals of the opposite sex will seek out such characters, and they will be affected as if under a charm spell unless wisdom of such individuals exceeds 50% of the character’s comeliness total.

+18 to +21: The beauty of the character will cause heads to turn and hearts to race. Reaction for initial contact is at a percent equal to 150% of the character’s comeliness total. Individuals of the same sex will do likewise unless wisdom totals at least two-thirds of the other character’s comeliness score. Rejection of harsh nature can cause the individual rejected to have a reaction as if the character had a negative comeliness of half the actual (positive) score.

+22 to +25: The stunning beauty and gorgeous looks of a character with so high a comeliness will be similar to that of those of lesser beauty (17-21), but individuals will actually flock around the character, follow him or her, and generally behave foolishly or in some manner so as to attract the attention of the character. The reaction adjustment is double the score of comeliness; i.e., 22 equals 44%. Charm-like power will affect all those with wisdom of less than two thirds the comeliness score of the character. If an individual of the opposite sex is actually consciously sought by a character with comeliness of 22-25, that individual will he effectively charmed unless his or her wisdom is 18 or higher. Rejection is as above.

+26 to +30: Unearthly beauty of this sort pan be possessed only by creatures from ther planes - demi-gods and demi-goddesses and deities of unusual sort....An individual of the opposite sex who is consciously sought by the possessor of such unearthly beauty and comeliness will always be under the spell if the individual with such beauty unless he or she had a wisdom of 20 or more.

3. Menowood is another cool part of the 1983 Glossography. In it there is a section on example adventures in the World of Greyhawk. One of the more popular is The Werewolves of Menowood. This high level scenario involves clearing the forest of a band of lycanthropes, among other deadly monsters ecountered like an Owlbear-Ogre team; two dozen minions of Wastri and a blighted elm treant. Good stuff!

4. Neutral nature gods, Obad-Hai and Ehlonna are actually bitter rivals, but it is not impossible that they would team up against common foes.

5. Corellon is normally allied with Ehlonna (or Ehlenestra in her elven aspect), but as he took Sehanine Moonbow (who came along to Greyhawk during 2nd edition) as his consort, there seems to be some untold hostility leftover....


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