May 13th, 2010: Well Greyhawk fans, by now many of you are already aware this week saw the passing of the master, Frank Frazetta at the age of 82. Over the years in my comic, I've honored, homaged and lampooned many wonderful D&D artists but none of them were Frank Frazetta. Although he was not directly connected to the game, Frank Frazetta was hands down the best fantasy illustrator of all time and I'm sure continues to be the main inspiration for fantasy artists working in the genre today. I would also go as far to say he was the greatest painter of the 20th century! Any work of his could easily hang alongside that of history's other masters. And it's not just his paintings, the least of Frazetta's sketches put to shame anything I've ever drawn. Check out his official site's galleries. One more thing, if you ever get a chance to see his biographical documentary Frazetta:Painting with Fire, do so.
Even the Dark Prince of Demons, Graz'zt fancies himself a fan of Frazetta, having had this knock-off painting commissioned sometime after 491 CY. Apologies are of course in order for it's creation.

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