April 15th, 2010: Hey Greyfans. The results on the semi-finals of the Tournament of Greyhawk Deities is finally here. In the meantime, previously on...

Murlynd's frustration speaks for all of us. The Hamster storyline must come to an end soon.

But before that happens, here's some details and esoterica:

1. Yes, Greela is the world 3 billion miles from Oerth. According to the supplement Greyspace, Greela is a spherical cluster of planetoids enveloped in a sphere of atmosphere, all rotating and orbiting in unison yet never clashing. These rounded planetoids vary in size from tens of miles to a few hundred miles in diameter and are primarily covered in grasslands or forests. Greela's cluster is indeed inhabited by humans, elves and other groups of demihumans, all migrants to the distant world. Incidentally there are also no native animals on Greela as they have all been transplanted here by spelljammers either intentionally or by accident. This explains the giant rodent convention going on.
2. Speaking of giant rodents.
3. According to sages, Greela was once a full planet, but no one knows how it was shattered. The esteemed Greysage, Maldin believes Greela was broken apart 15,000 years ago by a race of reptilian creatures using the Codex of the Inifinite Planes(of course). Hmm...
4. I don't think I need to tell anyone what movie quotes I used this week. They sum up the storyline perfectly.
5. Molvar(pop: 16,000) is the second biggest city in Ket.
6. Phaulkon god of Air, Birds and Archery is well known to readers of W.o.G.
7. There is many cameos in the field of rodentia. Some are even deities(canon or not). I'll let you try to pick out which is which, but first here is one heretical deity you need to check out, by Samwise and Bubbagump.
8. (Update: 04/22/10) Voting on the Finals is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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