April 8th, 2010: This week I'm taking it easy (again), so for now let's take a look at the results of round three of my Tournament of Greyhawk Deities. The competition was tougher and each contestant left in the Elite Eight was worthy of being hailed as the Greatest Greyhawk Deity of All, but only four advanced to the next round unscathed. Here are the highlights...

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Suel Pool

Wee Jas 73% --- Lendor 27%

Can she be stopped?! Wee Jas completes her mastery of the Suel Pantheon by defeating Lendor who was gracious in defeat. Other opinions on Wee Jas vary in the godly community...

Common/Other Pool

Zagyg 54% --- Boccob 46%

Zagyg advances to the Final Four where it will set up an epic clash of uber-Greyhawk personalities. This match-up was a tug-of-war in the early voting but the more beloved Zagyg was just too much for his mentor Boccob. Not that he cares. He probably wanted to lose!

Oerid Pool

Hextor 51% --- Heironeous 49%

Someone had to lose. This match up of good vs evil, justice vs tyranny, brother vs brother, was the closest so far in the entire tournament. And when the smoke cleared, Hextor won out. He had the 'upper hand' apparently.

Flan Pool

Nerull 56% --- Mayaheine 44%

The improbable run of Mayaheine finally came to an end, but the plucky demigoddess held her own for much of the voting, only slipping behind in the final days. Noone should begrudge Nerull for winning either, they say death is a certainty after all.

I don't have to stress how important this 4th round will be. The Final Four are all iconic names in the tapestry of Greyhawk lore. But soon only two will vie for a chance to battle it out and become forever enshrined as the Greatest Greyhawk Deity EVER. (Update 04/15/10: Voting is closed on this round thank you!)

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