April 1st, 2010: Hello friends of Greyhawk! Two things, first, the voting for the second round of the 'Tournament of Greyhawk Gods' is now closed. Thanks to everyone who contributed again. The new automated form worked out like a charm and increased the voting size considerably. Yay. To see the second round results and vote on winners for the third round go HERE.

Second, I'd like to talk about this week's comic. I've finally cracked. I'm fed up. It's been what? Five years? It's becoming too much effort to get quality comics out on time, so.... screw it! Tonight I am premiering a new replacement for W.o.G that will fit in better with my work/sleep/gaming schedule. For the conceivable future, I hope you all enjoy...

This was easy. I should've done stick figures years ago!

1. In case it wasn't blatantly obvious, this was an April Fool issue.
2. I hope I don't need to tell anyone what 'Cogito Ergo Sum' means.
3. Tonight's comic was inspired by one of my favorite webcomics, the absolutely cerebral, no-frills XKCD.
4. Any takers on which deity that is talking to the Ogre?
5. While I'm thinking about it, which Flanaess language most closely is an analog of latin? My first impulse is Ancient Suel, but something tells me there is nothing similar about them except age.
6. Ah, and the best for last. For those who are thinking mortellan is being lazy again, the joke is on you! Here is an advance, stealth, W.o.G exclusive release of my first solo PDF the Wonders of Ull. Download and enjoy!

Okay enough playing around, go and vote on the final eight Greyhawk deities.


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