March 18th, 2010: Well met, Greyfans. Once in a great while I like to do something interactive for the comic, such as crossword puzzles or caption contests. This week, in a bout of tiredness I was struck by an idea that will either be spectacularly fun or an abysmal failure of time. Hear me out: Around late March in the States there is an event that grips much of our culture. No it is not St. Patrick's Day, I speak of the NCAA Basketball Tournament or 'March Madness'. Now you may say what has basketball got to do with Greyhawk? Well, the popularity of the tournament format has spawned similarly themed games; radio stations pitting music bands against one another comes to mind immediately. So you can see where this is going by now. Yup that's right, I present...

Rules n Stuff

The game works like this: Each pairing shown above is a matchup between the gods of various pantheons(Sorry there is no Baklunish, they didn't want to play this year and besides I didn't feel like adding 32 more gods). All you need to do is vote for your favorite in each of the 16 matchups. The one getting the most votes over the week will move on to the next round as the brackets demonstrate (I will update the graphic to show this). This will continue each week until the winner of the tournament is declared the GREATEST DEITY of the WORLD OF GREYHAWK.

(update March 25th, 2010: Voting is now closed on round 1)

For those who need an informed decison, you read about the deities here. Play nice Greyfans and next week I'll be back with the first round results and a new comic of course.

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