February 4th, 2010: Welcome back loyal hench-readers. Not long ago we got a glimpse into the cut-throat world of adventuring with Heironeous, Boccob, Mayaheine and Corellon Larethian. I didn't think I would revisit it so soon, but here is the next part in their tale. Enjoy!
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1. It's unclear whether the party knows if Corellon survived that pit-fall. I'm going with divinations are affected in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk.
2. Also, one of them could have jumped down the same pit to find Corellon but then that would risk reducing the party down to just a fighter and a wizard. ;)
3. Henchmen in most editions of D&D are swayed to greater loyalty by many factors, one being shares of loot. Compatible alignment is a case for dis-loyal henchmen. Evidently Boccob is uncaring enough to hire goblins as henchmen. Naturally, the others blindly justify the goblin's presence like all good mixed alignment adventuring groups do.
4. The group dealt with the goblin henchmen issue at first by having them stay back with the camp with the rest of the gear. You know, the stuff that don't fit easily in dungeons; like empty wagons for hauling treasure or seige weapons for those pesky vault doors.
5. "Don't split the party" is a common mantra for RPGs who like to play it safe. It's also never done that way in any novel, movie or comic I've ever seen.
6. Clever DMs will award solo XP for PCs splitting off from the party. This of course can cause imbalances in party level in the long run but in the short term it should create even more acts of splitting from the party.
7. Now ponder this gem: I got into an argument with my friends once that randomly encountered monsters (dragons in this case)are not always found in their lair so they can't be expected to carry copious amounts of treasure with them all the time. You know, like adventurers do. By extension, since dragons are hoarders and must sometimes go far afield to find more treasure for heroes to take, this means that they may not even be in the same zipcode as their lair when randomly encountered. So remember that next time you suddenly run into a dragon and kill it without hesitation. Don't blame the DM as being stingy when you find out it has no loot! :P

-mortellan (the cheapskate DM)

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