January 21st, 2010: With all the storylines and specials ruling the comic lately, it's been a while since I've used Hextor and Heironeous in a feature. Although, after this episode I might not want to use them together anymore...Check it out. More at the bottom.

Yeah well what do you expect from a couple repressed lawful deities?
Oerth Journal #25 is indeed out there. Download it now, or Hextor will snap a sword over your head. Speaking of which, Heironeous is famous for having invulnerable sword-breaking skin due to his mother smearing him in magical Meersalm as a child. His mother, again is the rarely seen Oeridian goddess, Stern Alia. She appears in the latest Oerth Journal article Marchland of Medegia by Creighton Broadhurst and Paul Looby.
Breyne Alorick and Eyana Klun are both female Seekers beautifully rendered by Jerry Minor in the OJ #25 article, The Seekers of the Arcane by Gary Holian and Rick Miller. Lastly, the mysteriously alluring goddess Ainatet is the creation of Nathan Irving in his OJ #25 article: Deities of Lo Nakar - Ainatet. She is the deceased Suel goddess of bards, enchantments, charms, flowers, herbs, passions and sylvan creatures. Ainatet was the sister of Phyton and once the wife of Norebo. I highly recommend this new deity to your already extensive Greyhawk list.
While I'm on the topic, Hextor certainly was in Oerth Journal once. He was featured way back in OJ #9, Hextor: The Herald of Hell by Will McPherson. Not to be outdone, Heironeous was in an article by Russel Timm in OJ #10 titled, Heironeous: The Invincible One.
Now that I've saturated you with Oerth Journal info, go and oggle...I mean, read them!

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