January 14th, 2010: Like a rash it's back and I know you've all been itching for more. Previously on...

Well that was pleasant wasn't it? As you may or may not know, all Giant Space Hamsters have the ability to swallow smaller creatures whole and stuff them in a cheek pouch. Probably to save for munching after a hard day running on a wheel. Anyways that is what makes the doppleganger version so insidious. Regular two-legged dopplegangers don't have it so easy when disposing of their doubles. But of course animal intelligence only goes so far as you saw what Murlynd's boomstick did to it. Zagig should consider himself lucky he didn't see its fire-breathing ability.
The three aren't out of this mess yet however. There is big trouble brewing. Not giant space hamster big either, bigger. Bigger than you can imagine in fact. Muahaha! Ahem, that's all I'm going to say for now. :)


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