December 31st, 2009: Happy New Year Greyfans. The story rolls onward. Previously on...

As usual there's alot to cover in this installment:

1. Murlynd is known for his six-shooters, but in the World of Greyhawk Glossography he has further techno-magical effects. "When casting spells, Murlynd is prone to intermix technological terminology with his incantations, sometimes with surprising results. Thus, in casting a Stinking Cloud or Wall of Fog spellhe might conjure into being a strange engine which gushes forth the desired result, but for far longer and over a greater area than desired.
2. This leads to Murlynd's use of "Whispering messages." The names of communication spells vary through the editions but have always been present from the basic Message spell with it's short tactical range to the Whispering Wind spell with its miles-long range, and the Sending spell which works at any distance on the same plane. In the hands of Murlynd these spells take on a more modern context that we in 21st century Earth would recognize.
3. Hanging around Murlynd in space for so long you didn't expect that Celestian would have a gadget or two also? Text based spells are in abundance in D&D as well, including Explosive Runes, Symbol spells, Glyphs of Warding and the classic Sepia Snake Sigil. Hmm, okay none of those seems appropriate for friendly conversation. Moving on...
4. The Arquebus notably appeared in AD&D 2nd edition weapon lists but of course was limited in Greyhawk campaigns by the rules on black powder functioning. For those that ignored this restriction, like Murlynd...the joy of this weapon was it's damage code, 1d10 with any roll of a 10 resulting in another cumulative 1d10 roll until a 10 is not rolled anymore. Thus the chances of dishing out 21-29 damage was never far from realistic. However, when you consider the slow rate of fire, it made this gun more a novelty if anything.
5. Ah, but this is Murlynd we're talking about here. He is carrying a high-caliber elephant gun, or rather an Oliphant gun which AFAIK might either fires single shells or flings highly explosive fireballs. Just the item you need when hunting Giant Space Hamsters, eh?
6. Holy Horg indeed. In my opinion there is no race found in the dark depths of Greyspace more deadly than the Horg.
7. "Gaxx's beard" is a reference to the artifact called the Ring of Gaxx. The item has been often used through the editions but still little is known about the creator of this item and whether he really has a beard. You might find this blog interesting though.
8. One of the many things I love the most about the 1st edition AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide is the extensive list of 20 insanities with accompanying descriptions. Nevermind adults, how many grade schoolers back then knew what Hebephrenia meant?

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