November 12th, 2009: Welcome back everyone. This week I'd like to discuss - hold on. Who is that approaching?

Yes, what about you, Zodal?

He does bring up a good topic however. In 249 issues I've used a heck of alot of Greyhawk's deities, demon lords and popular personages but by no means all of them. Let's look at who I've got left to work with:

Al'Akbar (Baklunish god of guardianship) Mmm..too hot to touch methinks.
Arvoreen (halfling god of protection) Meh.
Azor'alq (Baklunish demigod of courage) Hmm, not bad!
Baervan Wildwanderer (gnomish god of forests) Yawn.
Bahgtru (Orcish god of strength) I can see it now. Kord vs Bahgtru in arm-wrestling!
Baravar Cloakshadow (gnomish god of illusions) Another gnome already?
Bargrivyek (Goblin god of cooperation) New to me!
Berei (Flan goddess of agriculture) Maybe if I have a topic on corn.
Berna (Touv goddess of forgiveness) Touv gods? Forgive me but you can probably write off that whole pantheon.
Berronar Truesilver (Dwarven god of safety) Is he the patron of OSHA? Pass.
Bleredd (Oerdian god of mines) Besides being awfully redundant, he may get in due to him being married to Ulaa.
Blipdoolpoolp (Kuo-toa) You know I want to so bad...
Brandobaris (Halfling god of thieves) Sounds pretty cool. Him and Olidammara would get along.
Breeka (Touv goddess of living things) Living things? That's pretty broad. No.
Calladuran Smoothhands (Gnomish god of protection) Uh. No comment.
Charmalaine (Halfling hero-god of narrow escapes) Eh.
Clangeddin Silverbeard (Dwarven god of Battle) I don't do enough dwarven topics do I?
Cyrrollalee (Halfling goddess of friendship) She should meet Zodal.
Daern (Oerdian hero-goddess of fortifications) I could use some more female characters.
Damaran (Touv god of vermin) They're all vermin to me.
Daoud (Baklunish hero-god of humility) Doesn't seem funny at all.
Dugmaren Brightmantle (Dwarven god of invention) *Scratches head*
Dumathoin (Dwarven god of mining) What was that I said about redundancy?
Flandal Steelskin (Gnomish god of mining) Ahem.
Gaerdal Ironhand (Gnomish god of protection) Protect ME from anymore of these gnome gods.
Gendwar Argrim (Dwarven hero-god of fatalism) That sounds like an oxymoron.
Geshtai (Baklunish goddess of Lakes) Hmmm, you know I want to use her, but how?
Grankhul (Bugbear god of hunting) A blue bugbear god would rock.
Grolantor (Hill giants) Unga!
Hruggek (Bugbears) Bunga!
Huheteotl (Olman god of fire) Will I use him? Well I have used Mictlantecuhtli and Camazotz for Gods in Space before...
Hurakon (Olman god of Floods) Floods? Awww yeeeeah!
Ilneval (Orcish god of war) Waaaagh!
Io (Draconic god of neutrality) Father of Bahamut and Tiamat is only interesting angle.
Johydee (Oerid hero-goddess of espionage) She would look great in one of my storylines.
Katay (Touv god of decay) So that's who is responsible for my cavities.
Keptolo (Drow god of flattery) Seriously?
Kundo (Touv god of music) No please no.
Kurgorbaeyag (Goblin god of slavery) No because the name sucks to type.
Kuroth (Oerid hero-god of theft) Love the Quill, not so excited about the god.
Kurtilmak (Kobolds) Kurtulmak + Raxivort = Win!
Laduguer (Duergar god of evil) Nice!
Laogzed (Troglodytes) Peww!
Luthic (Orcish goddess of fetility) Gruumsh's wife? That has possibilities!
Merikka (Oerid goddess of agriculture) Her and Berei could make a good pair. Next week: Gardening Tips of Greyhawk.
Meyanok (Touv god of serpents) Sounds cool but NO!
Mouqol (Baklunish gof of trade) Hmm, I am surprised he hasn't ran into Zilchus yet.
Muamman Duathal (Dwarven god of exiles) With a name like that it's no wonder.
Nazarn (Suel half orc hero-god of gladiators) Bah. Should've been an Ull hero-god.
Nola (Touv goddess of the sun) Please tell me this isn't another alter ego of Pelor.
Nomog-Gaeya (Hobgoblin god of war) Do they have any other kind?
Quetzalcoatl (Olman god of air) Yes, its the same guy.
Roykyn (Gnomish hero-god of cruelty) Ack!
Segojan Earthcaller (Gnomish god of nature) Go away!
Semuanya (Lizardfolk) Cool illo of him in D&DG.
Shargaas (Orcish god of stealth) Nasty combo!
Sheela Peryroyl (Halfling goddess of nature) You too.
Skerrit (Centaurs) Insert Top Gun joke here.
Skoraeus Stonebones (Stone giants) He wins the prize for best name.
Stern Alia (Oeridian goddess of law) I've avoided this one since she seems iffy to me, but she -is- Hextor and Heironeous' momma...
Surtr (Fire giants) I'd be too tempted to use Thor comics.
Tezcatlipoca (Olman god of evil) And his good mirror world double: Pocatezicatl!
Thrym (Frost giants) Ehhhh. I dunno.
Tlaloc (Olman god of Rain) I think this one was mention in Savage Tide at least.
Tlazoteotl (Olman god of nature) Zzzz.
Urogalan (Halfling god of death) *wakes up* Whoa!
Uvot (Touv god of prosperity) One more Touv god and I swear I'll scream!
Vaprak (Ogres/Trolls) I dig him, he has the best chance on this list of getting used.
Vara (Touv goddess of nightmares) AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Vathris (Hero-god of revenge) I got other plans for him...;)
Vergadin (Dwarven god of luck) Him and Norebo could tear up a casino.
Vogan (Touv god of storms) Oh come on!
Xanag (Touv goddess of beauty) Damn you Sean Reynolds! Damn YOUUUUU!
Yurtrus (Orcish god of disease) Yick!
Zodal (Flan god of Mercy) Mercy me this list is finished. Oh wait I have used him... :D

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