November 5th, 2009: Welcome back Greyfans. Ever wonder what intelligent swords talk about around each other? Why swords of course! More at the bottom. Enjoy!

I couldn't make my mind up on a punchline. I could've went in so many directions. Like....

Or my personal favorite...

Other tidbits:

Sword of Kas "The sword itself is intelligent, possessing a vile and murderous spirit."

Blackrazor White Plume Mountain author Lawrence Schick said in this interview that looking back he was embarrassed that Blackrazor was a rip-off of Moorcock's Stormbringer.

Sword of Damocles (This would make a good cursed sword)

A really informative article on Excalibur.

The creature Kelanen battles with Swiftdoom and Sureguard is a Thessalhydra. (Yeah they appeared in the Age of Worms in the Wormcrawl Fissure)

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