September 10th, 2008: Anagrams are a tried and true part of Greyhawk. Well okay, old school Greyhawk. Allan Grohe's Greyhawk Anagrams page is my absolute favorite webpage on this topic. Attempts at anagrams and homages nowadays in D&D is usually met with groans more than wonderment. Coincidentally that's just the type of torturous humor that they like in the Abyss...check it out.

For those who aren't good with abyssal anagrams, I shall translate:
Panel 1: "From the Home Office in Pandemonium:" (Pandemonium is the Plane of Chaotic Neutrality with Evil tendencies, it borders the Abyss)
"Top Ten Anagrams For the Prince of Demons." (Anagram is an anagram of itself. The Prince of Demons is of course, Demogorgon, our host's arch-enemy.)
Panel 2: "Demogorgon. Demogorgon. Demogorgon." (Don't say that three times in a mirror.)
Panel 3: "Demogorgon. Demogorgon. Demogorgon." (Orogs are a cross between a male orc and a female ogre.)
Panel 4: "Silence, Worthless Slimes or I Shall Tear your Torsos in Twain!" (As Thralls of Juiblex will point out, slimes don't have torsos.)
Panel 5: "Demogorgon. Demogorgon. Demogorgon." (I have a fever and the only prescription is more Gong.)
Panel 6: "And the Number One Anagram For the Prince of Demons..."

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