September 3rd, 2009: Hey hey Greyfriends. Another slow week for ol mortellan but I won't leave you completely hanging. First is the results of my third W.o.G Caption Contest. Click HERE to check out the entries, you may be a winner.

In the meantime, here is my last and possibly best Oerth Journal comic from issue 23. This issue was special for all of us involved with its making because it was Maure Castle themed. Fresh off the success of three Dungeon Magazine installments of Maure Castle, Robert J Kuntz loaned O.J. another level of the dungeon called Warlock's Walk. Also in that issue I helped with an article on the Seer of Urnst, but my Maure Castle themed comic I believe was spot-on funny from a gamer/ Monty Python fan standpoint. In addition it is the only Greyhawk comic with a cameo by a certain guardian demon and not to mention ME! Enjoy!

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