August 20, 2009: Hello again Greyfriends. After last week's mega-special I wasn't sure if I was ready this week then a perfect topic cropped up and from Gencon no less. More on that in a bit. First, it's not been easy for all the Greyhawk gods since 4th edition began. Some former Core-rules deities like Obad-Hai and Ehlonna have not been getting enough attention. When that happens sometimes these gods get desperate and take risks. Take Ehlonna for instance...

Good ol' James Wyatt has an interview on Wizard's site about their selection of Darksun as the next setting for 4th Edition in 2010. For those of you who might not be familiar with Darksun, it is a desert setting, kind of like Tatooine or Dune but on steroids. The world of Darksun is named Athas and yes it is very short on deities in that clerics here worship more spiritual/elemental things if I am correct. Not quite the prime location for someone like Ehlonna although elves there get to show more skin. ;)
Darksun is a rather exciting setting actually and for once a place that is uniquely suited to handle some of the tropes that I think 4th editon D&D wants to pursue. It is also being released in time with the next Players Handbook's psionic rules which is crucial since Darksun is also uniquely a setting that involves psionic powers. All in all I'm happy for fans of Darksun and I think this release will do well. My main hope is that they can get Darksun's signature artist, Brom back. The cover for the new Darksun setting book is done by Wayne Reynolds a current favorite of mine but somehow even his work seems skimpy compared to the visceral might of Brom's Darksun illustrations. His art is like a cross between the chiseled photo-realism of Boris Vallejo and the dynamic pulp fantasy of Frank Frazetta. Having played the original Darksun only a couple times, I might be more receptive to the 4E system if I played this world rather than with classic Greyhawk, especially since I'm not a big fan of psionic rules. But hey, anything is possible. Until 2011 is announced, good luck Darksun!

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