August 6th, 2009: It's August already? Thanks for hanging in there Greyfans. This week is a special project of mine that I've had on the backburner for almost a year. It was inspired by the fanatical devotion of "rossik" who took it upon himself to do fan-art sculptures of the Tharizdun cultists. Now having some experience myself at miniature customization (mostly Warhammer 40k) I finally tried my hand at making my own Greyhawk minis. I'll let you all be the judge of my handiwork, but I think the cultists themselves already love their miniature likenesses. Check it out (plus the bonus "Making of the Cultist Minis").

Making of the Cultist Minis

What the figures looked like before I got my hands on them.

What they looked like after I painted them up to be Priests of Iuz in bloody robes.

The two poor hunks of metal after I modified them with exacto knives, brute force and 'green stuff', a two part putty like epoxy that is sculptable and dries to a plastic hardness. I tore down the sleeves of the acolytes since the cultists have only gauze wrapped arms, I sheared their top knots down so I could mold the hoods on their heads right and I took the sword off of one mini since only one of the two has a sword (namely the Githyanki Silver Sword if you recall). The other gets to keep a sacrifical knife since that's what cultists do.

The finished product. I sculpted infrared goggles for the 'pun-loving' cultist like he wears currently in the Vault of the Drow. I painted them both in my best approximations of the comic coloration, using "Lich Purple" and "Tentacle Pink" mixed with a bit of Lich Purple. The rest is done with a dark grey.

As you can see in these better lit and photographed close-ups (thanks John), the spiral of Tharizdun is hand drawn with the same .01 ink pen I use to letter my comics. The base is done in "Snakebite Leather" and flocked with faux scrub grass that I got from Gencon.

Good times. I challenge anyone to come up with pics of customized or thematically painted Greyhawk minis of their own. Send em my way and I'll post em!


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