July 30th, 2009: Another week another Greyhawk comic. Well almost. After last week's cornucopia of Greyhawk content, I have decided to take the opposite approach this week. Out of my bag of tricks I've brought back the CAPTION CONTEST! Last time I did one of these was way back in episode 54 and 76. Damn long time indeed! So here's how it works:

Below is a single panel Greyhawk comic. You think of the caption that goes with it. Read the previous contests to see what type of entries I favor. In general try to be witty and in context of fantasy, D&D or Greyhawk and you'll be fine. Your incentive? A PRIZE! Those lucky few I choose as winners will get a free drawing of any character of their chosing in my own comicy style. Here is a few of my satisfied winners for example.

Update, September 3rd, 2009: The contest is over. Thanks to all who contributed their ideas. It was a decent turnout for this third contest and as usual choosing my favorites was never easy. Winners should email me at bluesrule14@hotmail.com for details on how to claim their prize. Now without any further delay, the winners and the honorable mentions:

The Winners

"By Al'Akbar, IT'S A TRAP!"

Ashur hit a trifecta here. Greyhawk god, Star Wars quote and an idea I wish I had thought of.

"Treasure Table X: roll of 00: Deck of Many Portraits of Wee Jas, by Julie Bell."

Sam gets a gold star for making use of old school random charts and referencing an awesome fantasy painter who also happens to be the wife of Boris Vallejo. (Apparently seeing the nude portraits of Wee Jas is making Rudd blush and the guys ogle. I can relate.

"Oh look! The Sword of Kas, the Eye of Vecna, the Hand of Vecna and the Head of Vecna all in one place!
Uh...Norebo you can have the Head!"

Bubba referenced the Eye and Sword in the pic and then dropped a very obscure anecdotal story about the Head of Vecna. Not only was this joke item referenced in Die Vecna Die, it was made into a short mod by Wizards of the Coast. Yeash. I wish I had thought of using the Head of Vecna sooner.

Honorable Mentions

"Hey Rudd, we found you a Monocle of Night!"
-Gabriel C

"By my...! It's the Breasts of Vecnina!"

"Eww!" (mortellan)

"Norebo: Hey, look! There is a map in here!
Olid: Hmm, Rainbow Rock, isn't that near Hommlet?
Rudd: Hang on guys. Something is wrong. I thought we agreed to play Lawful Neutral this time. Shouldn't we be meeting the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk round about now?"

"What do you mean the chocolate is melting?"
-Richard S

"Norebo: Finaly, at long last, The greatest treasure of all time...a copy of Gary Gygax's CASTLE GREYHAWK!"
-Night Druid

"Rudd: We happy?
(Olid and Norebo staring)
Rudd: Olidammara! We happy?
Olid: Yeah, we happy."
-Valkaun Dain

"Yeah, me happy too." (mortellan)

p.s. the comic for this contest is a parody of a classic David Trampier black and white illustration from 1st edition. Just so there's no confusion, the featured deities standing in are (left to right) Rudd, Olidammara and Norebo.

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