June 25th, 2009: All work and no play makes mortellan a dull boy. Yeah so here I go again, posting my old Oerth Journal comics to W.o.G so I can procrastinate more. Well this time I was working so hard on writing my upcoming uber-awesome Gencon special that it slipped my mind to even print a set of panels to draw on this week's comic. Lame yes, but I'm sure these two comics will entertain just as well:
The first is from Oerth Journal #21 which had a cold theme with articles such as The Good Oerth - On Oerth and Ice by Living Greyhawk master-writer, Creighton Broadhurst, and Gateway to Adventure - The Colorless Spire of Frozen Shadows by Rick "Duicarthan" Miller. Here you will also see the one and only appearance of Llerg (so far).

Next is my comic from Oerth Journal #22 entitled "The Hungering". This is a wry parody of Steven King's classic The Shining combined with elven legends from Carl Sargent's Ivid the Undying supplement. Pure synergy!

That's good for now. I still have one more OJ comic in my back pocket, don't think I won't use it! ;)

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