June 18th, 2009: Welcome back Greyfans. Many of you may be familiar with the supermodule Queen of the Spiders which compiles seven classic 1st edition modules into one grand quest to save Oerth from the machinations of Lolth and the Drow. Well the cultists have skipped over modules G1-G3 and teleported past modules D1 and D2, then used the power of the Codex to beat D3- The Vault of the Drow easily. Now they go for the record as they try to tackle Q1- Queen of the Demonweb Pits. Lolth is in trouble!

On another topic, AD&D's g.p. weight encumberance system was never one of my favorite things when I was young(must've been the math thing), but now looking back as an adult I see the usefulness of it especially in a game whose primary goal is tracking loot. The 1e DMG says the maximum weight a normal strength person can carry and still move is 1500 g.p. It defines encumberance for items as a combination of weight and bulkiness. Some items thus have no encumbering effect like a helm, material components, thieves tools and one set of clothing. Typical adventuring gear like a backpack however weighs 20 gp. Factoring in other stuff like armor, weapons and whatnot it is easy to see how absurd carrying gold actually becomes. Now anyyone who has ever played D&D or a video game like it knows this, but I bet half of us myself included handwave past these rules and let scrawny wizards carry many many times their body weight in gold around. This is a shame you see because it makes things like blackmailing someone for your "weight in gold" not such a big deal anymore. Speaking of which, the cultists should be at the Fane of Lolth by now....

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