May 7th, 2009: Okay I know what some of you are thinking, "Hey mortellan, this is cheating. These aren't new comics!" Well I've been working hard on an extra-lengthy comic for next week so in desperation for this week I dug up some comics that I am fairly sure not everyone has read, unless of course you are hardcore fans of the Greyhawk fanzine Oerth Journal.
Looking back through my archives, I noticed that I have posted my first two Oerth Journal comics: The first appearing in OJ #17 is a summer blockbuster movie trailer. Following that in OJ #18 was my first appearance of Xan Yae, Ulaa and Tiamat.

Those you most likely have seen, but here are a couple more I am quite proud of that you might have missed: The first is from Oerth Journal #19 which is also infamously the issue that published my masterpiece, the Ull Gazetteer. This parody comic took me quite a long time to produce and gave me an appreciation for Order of the Stick's Rich Burlew.

Secondly, is my comic from Oerth Journal #20. This is one of my favorite comics I've done outside my regular W.o.G run. Anyone who has never heard of this skit must have a life or something! :P

That's all for now, but there are more to see. You can check them out on your own or I'll eventually post them and comment next time I'm behind on a deadline. ;)

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