February 12th 2009: This week's comic is compliments of the deranged mind of frequent W.o.G collaborator, Cebrion. He had held out the script for this one from me for a good year until I finally finished a new Ull article for the Oerth Journal. Here is the result, folks. The subject of this episode seemed like a good fit for Valentine's Day if any. We have the first featuring of Hanali Celanil of the Olven Pantheon. According to DM Prata's World of Greyhawk Deitybase:
"Hanali Celanil is predominantly depicted as feminine, though on rare occasions it is said she has appeared as male. Hanali influences the spheres of love and beauty, and she is widely revered by many of the olves. She owns an immense crystal fountain and pool with which she keeps watch over her followers, as if using a crystal ball. When she bathes herself in the waters of the pool (called the "Evergold"), her Charisma is enhanced; she will inspire awe in olves and half-olves."
Also, her homeplane is Olympus hence a connection to Aphrodite who is of course the prototypical love goddess. No where in Greek/Roman mythology however is there an Evergold pool that Aphrodite bathed in. That must be because of Hanali Celanil and a few of her lovely friends...Check it out.