December 4th, 2008: Welcome to the 200th World of Greyhawk webcomic retrospective special! Way back 200 weeks ago(give or take a week) when Greyhawk was still the Core D&D world, Living Greyhawk was still going strong, 4th edition D&D was but a vehemently denied rumor and Paizo still had the license to the Dragon and Dungeon Magazines, I embarked on a journey of self punishment and selfless service to the Greyhawk community. I saw a niche in the creative tapestry of Greyhawk fandom, so I filled it(well I saw two niches if you count Ull). Being a life-long cartoonist and a hardcore Greyhawk fan I immediately saw the humor embedded in every facet of the setting. Gygax surely is to thank for most of this light hearted fare such as anagrams, homages, cross-genre plots, and of course the deities. The deities of Greyhawk especially lent themselves as humorous characters, much like the gods of Greek mythology, because they think and act just as human as the human beings who worshiped them. In other words, they could get into normal everyday comedic situations just like anyone else with the added fact that since they really are gods they can sometimes also do things beyond the ordinary:

Like remember the episode when Mayaheine fought her way out of Hell?

And who could forget when Rao, Heironeous, Boccob, St. Cuthbert, Trithereon and Pholtus went into the Tomb of Horrors and got TPK'ed?

Or that one time when gnomes stole the Eye of Vecna?

And who didn't laugh when Wee Jas rode side saddle through town and went on a killing spree?

Remember that creepy scene when Graz'zt stared at Drelzna while she was asleep?

Or the awesome that was Hextor and Heironeous battling on a chess board?

And I know we will forever recall the time Zagyg, Wormy, Phil & Dixie, Yamara, Nodwick, Snarf and Fineous Fingers were all together for the first time.

Doesn't ring a bell? What comic have you been reading all these years?! Oh wait I know what it is, due to Oerth's time dilation with Earth some of these things haven't happened yet. Very well let's instead look back on, in my opinion, the 20 best Greyhawk comics of the last 200 weeks. Enjoy.


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