Spelljammer is a strangely interesting blend of space opera and traditional swashbuckling adventure. In a world of magic creating all purpose invisible one-way shields for a vessel are certainly possible, except the most obvious spells like Wall of Force or Globe of Invulnerability have specific areas and conditionals that might make them unfit for common use, especially at the level of use in science fantasy shows like Star Trek or Star Wars. Of course I'm no expert on Spelljammer, but if shields are in fact commonplace in some obscure supplement, I apologize. ;)
In other discussion, Murlynd continues to show off his mastery of TV and movie tropes. Specifically incurring the 'Magic Countdown' trope where the villain allows time for the hero to find an escape either verbally or by some sort of digital timer like on a bomb. In either case, the time allotted always seems to last longer on screen than in reality. This is also covered in the classic Evil Overlord list . Check it out because I have a feeling it will come into play alot on this storyline...

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