October 9th, 2008: When I learned it was the 10th anniversary of Maldin's Greyhawk, I was bowled over. Maldin(aka Denis Tetreault) is a greybeard of online Greyhawk-fandom and someone I frequently pick on in the comic no doubt. To recap he is best known for his work on the revised Greyhawk City map for Living Greyhawk Journal several year ago and his more recent effort on an Irongate article for Dungeon Magazine. His website however is a treasure trove of ideas and twisted articles from his own campaigns and conversations over the years. For example, his newest addition draws together various sources to finally put a light on the secrets of Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight. Before this scandalous work he created the sprawling Melkot City and Melkotia Castle, and wrote on the mysteries of Life, the Multiverse and Everything. But no subject is probably more synonymous with(or obsessed by) Maldin than this one. Speaking of which, the cultists of Tharizdun are on the loose again and oh my god...they didn't!

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