September 18th, 2008: Today is a light comic week for me, but I still found this article by Glenn Vincent Dammerung on way too funny and interesting to pass up. The short of it is Kyuss and Dragotha were the main undead villains in Dungeon Magazine's Adenture Path from a few years ago, The Age of Worms . Naturally the point of the quest was to destroy these foes but as GVD brings up they are too cool to lose for the setting and could easily be brought back. As I was making this comic I realized, yes, Kyuss is pretty cool to draw too! Anyhoo, Nerull was the sponsor for Kyuss' ascension and is generally pro-undead, but Wee Jas is more strict when it comes to who gets brought back from the dead. So I'm sure this would be the conversation that goes down in the Underworld if Kyuss and co. came back for a sequel.

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