August 28th, 2008: Kord, the Brawler is well known but what is less well known is that he is the son of Phaulkon god of the Air and Syrul goddess of Lies, thus his grandfather is Lendor god of Time. What's even lesser known ,according to Kord's write-up in Dragon Magazine #87 is that he wears a girdle of dragon hide (frost giant strength), gauntlets of white dragon hide (gauntlets of ogre power) and boots of blue dragon hide (boots of speed). Furthermore he bears Kelmar, an electrified +5 sword that dances, is intelligent and has a special purpose to slay dragons, acting as a vorpal weapon against dragons and dragon types, including even Tiamat(but not Bahamut). Oh and he has a two-handed sword +3 on the side just because. With Kelmar he has 4 attacks that each do 3d8+14 dmg (average roll 26). Speaking of Tiamat during this same era (1st edition), she was very flimsy when compared to her later revisions or even the cartoon version! According to the 1e Monster Manual, each of Tiamat's heads can withstand a whopping 16 damage before going out of commission. If her body takes 45 dmg she is dispelled to Hell. Do you see where I'm going with this yet? Anyhoo, with Kord's lofty parentage and all those cool magic items, do ya think he was spoiled? I think so. Check it out.

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