August 21st, 2008: I'm back from Gencon and a good time was had for all. It was without a doubt the coolest Indy weather I've ever experienced. I didn't meet as many people as I hoped, there was many more people I know from online that I narrowly missed. This will be rectified next year I vow. But I still did meet alot of folks for the first time, including Wolfgang Baur whom I praised for his Greyhawk works like Raiders of the Black Ice. While talking about that and Kobold Quarterly he amusingly admitted having a thing for clock-work creatures. Indeed! I met Sean K Reynolds for the first time also and I got him to sign my Living Greyhawk Gaz (never leave home w/o it). For all the razzing I'm sure I've given him online he was a cool dude in person and didn't mind just chatting while he should've been working the Paizo booth. I haunted the Pathfinder Society room where they were having their first convention play for the new Pathfinder setting. While I don't play PF I still support them and I must say Paizo was awesome that week, selling out of many titles and winning the most awards at the Ennies, including best Publisher and Adventure(Expedition to Ruins of Greyhawk got the silver). There I met Nick Logue(and Joshua Frost I think) who sat there all day seemingly and revelled in the full gaming hall. He enjoyed my pestering presence and the comics I showed off. I also met Liz 'Lilith' Courts(part of our Oerth Journal staff) who was diligently running PF adventures all week. We had a lengthy chat and I gave her the original art to one of this week's comics: the first Greyhawk-Golarion crossover subject. Yes, anything is possible when gods are concerned. Anyhoo I failed in a primary mission of mine for the con. The silver lining is you all get a two for one in comics this week! What I had schemed for Gencon was to slip some printed comic strips into several 4th edition DMG's and see if any of them made it online. But...the Wizards booth-nazis were the only and I mean ONLY booth in the whole exhibition hall to not allow the public to handle and skim their products before buying. Heck many were behind glass! So my plan was nearly foiled so I resorted to planting the strips elsewhere about the Wizards area like the autograph table or on the fronts of glass displays. Fun. If anyone saw the comic there, bonus kudo points! So that's about it. Enjoy my Gencon strips and back to the regular routine next week.

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