July 17th, 2008: Working at a hotel you can imagine what my #1 topic of conversation is with guests. Yup, the weather. It dawned on me one night, since I work the midnight shift you see, that I haven't covered such a simple subject yet in my comic. Then I started thinking about the Weather in the World of Greyhawk section of the 83 boxed set Glossography. This 7 page-long masterpiece first appeared as an article in Dragon Magazine #68 and was written by David Axler. This article is what Greyhawk is all about. It is an exhaustive and overly detailed collection of rules and random generation charts to come up with the weather for ANY part of the Flanaess you can dream of. This weather generator has even been adapted online. Awesome. So my next thought turned to what deity to cover the weather. Well I found the perfect one, and it just so happens this is his first 'cameo' in the comic. Check it out.

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