July 10th, 2008: I will miss Living Greyhawk. Apparently the last issue of the Greyhawk Grumbler stoked up alot of discussion in Greychat and on the Canonfire forums. No, not about xvart mimes, but rather about the deaths of several Directing Oligarchs. The motives and rationales behind the deaths of important NPCs will always be hot for debate. This was true of Rary the Traitor after the Greyhawk Wars and this is a good example as well. That's what makes Greyhawk the best. Of course not to brag, but I have better (divine) sources than the Grumbler for juicy Greyhawk gossip. Yes, there is a master plan behind this rash of murders. Someone wants to get to, or back INTO, the Oligarchy. I've already said too much, I think Turin might be outside my door. Gotta run!

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