May 15th, 2008: Magic items is the topic for this week. One of my ever increasing gripes about D&D has been the proliferation of magic items either in published adventures or in item creation rules. 3rd editon especially made it so ridiculously easy to make or upgrade items that they became mundane in a way. One of my few hopes about 4th edition is that they cut back on the items like they promise. We shall see how that fares. In the meantime poor Boccob the Uncaring has had to endure this deluge of magic items over all the editions. In case you aren't familiar:
"It is said that in (Boccob's) palace there is at least one of every magic item, save artifacts and relics, ever devised by magic-user or illusionist."
A copy of EVERY item. Think about the ordinary iconic magic items in 1E then in 2E the four volume encyclopedia of magic items, then boggle in amazement at 3E and how every magic item ever devised could possibly be an infinite combination of bonuses and tacked on special abilities on up to +10 weapons of the Epic order. The worst part is mortals are guaranteed that their creations will be successful if they burn enough gold and XPs. BAH! Boccob can only take so much of this runaway glut of items...

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