April 24th, 2008: Yes, it's time for the next episode of...

Episode 1.3 'A Greyspace Odyssey

When last we saw Zagig and Heward they were exploring an obelisk on the moon Celene. Now they must contend with their demonically possesed spelljamming ship. There is hardly anything canonical about this scenario (Though it is a great parody of the most tense part of the movie 2001), but Zagig did in fact imprison the Demon Prince Fraz-Urb'Luu and put him in the form of a bas-relief. Obviously Fraz ended up below Greyhawk Castle but who is to say Zagig didn't have other plans for this enslaved planar power before that? Of course sometimes Zagig's mad schemes can backfire. Check it out.

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