March 5th, 2008: I'll try to keep this one short. By now you all have heard of the passing of Gary Gygax. My initial reaction to it strangely was the same as if it were a family member dying. True sadness. Not the curiosity or triviality of some random celebrity dying. This one was close to home for all us Greyhawk and D&D fans. I've read many forum posts wishing condolensces to the Gygax family and the ones I familiarize with the most are the people who feel he is responsible for who they grew up to be. I learned alot because of Gary, I made a ton of friends because of Gary, I enjoy the best hobby in the world because of Gary and I will continue to do so in his memory. No jokes this week as we mourn our loss. Even the Greyhawk pantheon will pay their respects to their creator.

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