February 7th, 2008: Lately the Cultists of Tharizdun have been my favorite characters especially since I discovered they are ideally suited for an ongoing storyline subplot of sorts sprinkled amidst my regularly random topical comics. For those who may have been paying attention these two have slowly developed into distinct personalities. One is scheming, melodramatic and knowledgable, while the other is less serious but hardworking and greedy. In general both are absent minded and insane. I have even mulled over the thought of what their true identities might be for they are mere NPC mortals of Oerth. Hmm. To that end I have been and will be laying clues and developing them more. It's fun. Back to their present predicament, when last we saw the pair they were trapped in their own construction with no way out. What you are about to see is the greatest escape attempt ever in D&D. I've always wanted to see this tried in a game but who would be crazy enough to do it? Heh that's right...Check it out.

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