Dec 13th, 2007: This week is a milestone. It's my 150th comic strip in the series (not counting extra series, contest prizes and Oerth Journal comics). Nothing remarkable for this week but next week is yes, the annual Needfest Special (unless exhaustion hits me) and I have a surprise lined up for that one indeed. Back to the present, ever since the announced end of Living Greyhawk next year one place has curiously been presented as an omen for something big to happen. As an outsider to the Living Campaign I can't tell for certain what events will lead up to the 'end' but my good friend Creighton Broadhurst had this good article a couple months back.
And of course where there is an end of days there is the Tharizdun cultists! Is it just me or is the one on the right always less serious about his quests than the other?

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