October 19th, 2007: This week features my first parody of a digital Dungeon Magazine adventure. Appropriately it is a three part Greyhawk adventure named Iggwilv's Legacy.
You will need to be signed up with D&DInsider/ Wizards forums to download this PDF document and luckily for us this document is still available for free. Dungeon goes subscription again sometime next year. Iggwilv's Legacy was written by Ari Marmell as a return to the classic S4 module The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and even if you don't play 3.5 this adventure is worth obtaining just for the background fluff alone. The woman on the cover is Drelnza the daughter of Iggwilv, who I assume factors into the adventure in one of the two parts to be published later on. It seems there is much left to be finished in the old caverns for now we learn some interesting new lore on the enigmatic wizard Tsojcanth(which i'll let you read for yourself) and without going into too many spoilers, Tsojcanth and Graz'zt were both slaves of Iggwilv at the same time and there is an accidental abyssal rift she created that needs to be sealed by sacrificing one of them into it. Well that's sort of how the background of the adventure goes, even Iggwilv herself seems to be having trouble explaining the situation. You'll see what I mean...Enjoy.
p.s. If you think this comic was racy you should've seen the one Wolfsire pitched to me. Hoo-boy! :D

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