October 13th, 2007: Finally the last leg of the Caddyhawk saga. Whew! I got a bit carried away with the series and clocked in late on this episode but the visuals are worth it I think. As I may have mentioned before and might bear repeating, our antagonist is Urdlen the evil gnome god of destruction. As we are about to find out, the mighty mole deity has more ways of sowing destruction than just burrowing. In this case he has provoked the affable Pyremius again whom as you will see has never been subtle either.
A side note first, in case it isn't painfully obvious the guy in the checker golf outfit is Zagig. (Who else would dress so tacky?)
As another side note, I know very little about plastic explosives. You'll just have to trust me that Pyremius is an expert on things such things. ;)

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